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Covid Shield Policy

Ella Hotels & Resorts (“ELLA”) respond to the special conditions created by the spread of coronavirus prioritizing the health of their guests and stakeholders. ELLA’s operations comply with the specific health protocols that are being issued from periodically by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) and legislated by the Greek State. Furthermore, ELLA participates in the private certification scheme of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas „Covid-Shield“, assuring health and safety precautions.

ELLA’s aim is to offer high quality services assuring at the same time the safety and health of the guests and team members in all areas of operations. In this context, ELLA has developed and implemented the Covid Shield Management system, which is committed to:

  • Ensure public health on a 24-hour basis in all facilities including accommodation, dining areas, leisure and wellness areas, swimming pools and beach, service vehicles and all assistant functional assets of the company used by external providers in its operating facilities.
  • Constant implementation of the health protocols.
  • Full harmonization with the instructions of the World Health Organization, National Organization of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and other Authorities, strictly observing the current National and European Legislation.
  • Constant monitoring of the operations through a framework of indicators that meet the requirements and principles of the Covid action plan which is updated at regular intervals. These indicators are related to number of training programs, staff training hours, number of incidents, degree of compliance with organizational and other technical measures.


ELLA has created this Covid Shield Policy and has adopted an Action Plan that:
  • Provides ongoing staff training and updates regarding the protective measures against the transmission of COVID-19, the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment as well as managing Covid-19 incidents.
  • Implements all the prescribed measures for the protection and observance of public hygiene and disinfection of all the main and auxiliary areas Indicatively:
  • Systematic daily disinfection of frequently used contact points such as elevator buttons, benches, common door handles, WCs etc.
  • Disinfection by certified providers in the facilities in case of a confirmed incident
  • Hand sanitizers in public areas.
  • Strict protocols for cleaning and disinfection of premises
  • Use of special cleansers and approved disinfectants.
  • Placement of special floor markings, to ensure the observance of distances and the avoidance of overcrowding in the indicated places.
  • Placement of signs recommending the avoidance of cash usage
  • Grant printed and / or electronic information to customers regarding the measures taken to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 as well as the obligation to comply with the rules of personal hygiene and social behavior.
  • Assures that all personnel actively comply with all health protocols, constantly and in every aspect throughout the operation.
  • Monitors compliance to the prescribed protection measures by its stakeholders
  • Conducts internal audits aiming at identifying discrepancies and suggesting corrective of improvement actions.
  • Reviews and updates the current Covid Shield Policy and the relevant Action Plan so that it is always up to date with current national legislation and requirements and in line with guidelines provided by relevant organizations.
  • Check-out until 12:00 a.m and Check-in from 15:00 p.m

The principles of the Covid Shield Policy, as well as its objectives and deliverables, are reviewed at regular intervals by Management to adapt to emergencies needs, legislative and regulatory requirements aiming to limiting the transmission and spread of viruses and diseases and maintain low Covid-19 incidents within Ella.

Covid Shield Certificate (Elissa Lifestyle Resort): ENG | GR
Covid Shield Certificate (Helea Family Beach Resort): ENG | GR