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Ella Resorts-A Taste Of Elegance: Uncorking New Experiences

Continuing our journey through the world of exceptional wines, Elissa Lifestyle Beach Resort is excited to present the next chapter in our Wine Event series. Join us for a weekend dedicated to the esteemed Domaine Costa Lazaridi, where we invite you to explore the essence of Greek winemaking tradition.

Crafting excellence: Unveiling Domain Costa Lazaridi

“Behind a good wine, there is always a good story.”

Founded in 1979 by Costa Lazaridis in Xiropotamos, on the slopes of Mount Falakro, Domaine Costa Lazaridi pioneered the first modern linear vineyard in Drama. Over the decades, the Domaine’s unwavering commitment to excellence has been recognized with over a thousand awards from prestigious international competitions. Despite these accolades, the heartfelt appreciation and recognition of consumers remain the Domaine’s greatest honor and reward.

Weekend Itinerary: A Symphony of Flavors

An unforgettable experience awaits at Elissa, where each event is crafted to offer an exploration of the Domaine Costa Lazaridi’s exceptional wines:

 Friday, July 26th

Wine Tasting at Elissa’s Executive Lounge – 19:00

Dinner at Masari Restaurant – 20:30

with menu designed by Chef Thanos Stasinos
Dinner Menu

Saturday, July 27th

Wine Tasting ar Elissa’s Executive Lounge – 19:00

Dinner at Fourni Restaurant – 20:30

featuring Michelin-Star Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis
Dinner Menu

Sunday, July 28th

Rosé by the Pool: 13:00 | Featuring selected rosé wines

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to savor the best of Greek winemaking at Elissa Lifestyle Beach Resort. Contact our guest service team or front desk to secure your reservation and be part of a truly special experience.

Cheers to a weekend of unforgettable memories!

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