Ella Resorts-Domenū


Inspired by Idomeneus, ruler of Crete, famed for his heroic deeds during the Trojan War. The buffet is an odyssey of differing tastes, featuring sections for cold plates, warm dishes, sweets, bread, and beverages, along with themed areas such as Greek and Cretan corners, healthy detox selections, and vegan options. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in stunning indoor and outdoor venues, where you can watch live cooking as our talented chefs prepare your meal. The special kids’ section and comprehensive dish labels detailing ingredients and origins ensure everyone is catered for. Complement your meal with our selection of local wines for a truly memorable culinary journey. gs. 

Embark on an odyssey of flavours at our lavish buffet, featuring live cooking stations, a kids' corner, Greek and Cretan specialties, and an impressive selection of local wines

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