Welcome to Elissa’s Signature Experiences, where luxury and adventure blend seamlessly. Our carefully curated experiences are designed to immerse you in the unique beauty and vibrant culture of the Mediterranean, offering unforgettable moments that will stay with you forever.

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We proudly announce our partnership with the esteemed wine connoisseur, Nikolas Giannopoulos.  Prepare for a sensory journey as Nikolas curates exquisite new wine lists for all our restaurants, including the exclusive Kelari experience. With over 300 wine labels sourced from Greek and international terroirs, each sip promises a flavorful journey.  Indulge in a calendar full of themed events, from masterclasses led by renowned Greek and international wine producers to captivating tastings that unravel the fascinating tales of geological, viticultural, and winemaking heritage.  Savor every sip paired with specially crafted dishes, for unforgettable culinary adventures.  

Uncork the secrets of the world of wine with us.  

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Discover the relaxing feeling of well-being that contact with clay creates, Pottery making is the ultimate antidote to stress. Let go for 2 hours and reconnect with the soil, nature and yourself. It’s so wonderfully new to get your hands on mud, mold it and create items that you can eventually take home, that if you try it even a few times, it ends up becoming addictive. It’s time to get your hands dirty and free yourself from thoughts, stress and deadlines. Ceramics is nowadays what yoga was before. More and more people are ditching the pilates mats and picking up wood shavings when they want to decongest.

All you need to do, is to visit our concierge desk to find out more and book your seat at our ceramic workshops.

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Leave all your worries aside and play with sweetness.Singing, joy and laughter while preparation, are part of the recipe at our Melekuni workshop. Melekuni is a healthy sweet and stands out for its wonderful taste and high nutritional value. This workshop was inspired from studies that have shown that melekouni has beneficial properties for health and contributes to longevity. Melekouni is soft and releases all its aromas the moment you taste it. According to tradition, it is the offering for the guests in weddings. Historically coming from Ancient Greece, honey and sesame, renowned for their nutritional values, where important parts of their diet.

All you need to do, is to visit our concierge desk to find out more and book your seat at our cooking workshops.

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A Gastronomic Exploration

Take a ride that via rolling olive groves and fertile cliffs. Be prepared to leave the main roads behind, to take home more than a souvenir. Reconnect to the land. In this authentic gastronomic adventure, you will enjoy the warm hospitality of farmer Michalis and his family in their traditional fieldhouse. Connect with the true Rhodian spirit. Discover the benefits of healthy Mediterranean diet, by learning the secrets and methods of traditional Rhodian cuisine. Gather round the table to enjoy a delectable meal, with recipes that go back years and which you helped prepare. Experience what a mood-switcher the bostani is, by using not your eyes, but all your senses when walking these fructuous grounds. Collect the seasonal gifts the land is offering, and comfort yourself by cooking with your heart and with respect. Be informal, relax with home-style traditions, that here in Rhodes, remain a way of life.

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Step into our ancestors’ paths, on the ancient soils where the sacred olive tree has survived through the centuries! Enjoy the views of the surrounding hills, and the natural beauty of Rhodian region. Visit the state-of-the-art olive mill that produces award-winning extra virgin olive oil, and taste the liquid gold, through an interactive olive oil masterclass, unlocking secrets of this liquid miracle that you never imagined before.

During the seminar you will learn:

  • to evaluate olive oil and keep tasting notes
  • to distinguish aromatic & tasting characteristics
  • to compare extra virgin olive oil with other oils
  • how to store olive oil properly
  • to accompany food with extra virgin olive oils
  • why extra virgin olive oil is so beneficial in our daily life
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Been ranking your brain for a unique and memorable proposal suggestion. We ‘ve got you covered. Set sail for a guaranteed “yes” that will fill the Aegean air with eternal love vibes, and your social media accounts with “congratulations” wishes. There is nothing more romantic than our sailing yacht during sunset! 
The water tends to bring out the daring and romantic side of most people, particularly when it entails an intimate and exquisite evening aboard with as much or as little solitude as desired. Captain and crew, not only know how to give the space you need, but are trained to offer you whatever you ask, to make these moments even more special. From Champagne and fruits, flowers, photographer and drone, good music, your special moments in photos and videos displaying as a backdrop, or a “Marry Me” arc, Are but few of the ideas that can tailor your special occasion. Also, if you and your partner want to do your wedding photo shouting, there is no better scenery, than the summer sun setting, and you being on your wedding dress, in the middle of endless blue. Feeling spontaneous? We only need 24hrs to plan and execute something special for you. If well prepared and know what you want, contact us 3 days to a week to tailor your desire. All you need to do is to contact our concierge at Ella Resorts and plan your charter proposal with us.

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Dive beneath the deep blue waves and encounter an underwater escapism of awe-inspiring marine life. Rhodian crystal clear waters create perfect year-round conditions for diving and snorkeling, both for beginners and advanced.

Ella Resorts offer an aquatic adventure for underwater hedonists.

All you need to do, is contact our concierge, to arrange your private, or semiprivate blue world experience.

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Outdoors yoga sessions at Elissa Lifestyle Resort

Discover inner harmony. Reconnect and let go with our gentle restorative yoga sequences, focusing on beneficial stretches for your body and mind. Wellbeing is an essential part of your stay at Elissa Lifestyle Resort. Carefully curated yoga classes, take time outdoors twice a week during sunrise, and once a week saluting sunset. Our signature midnight yoga session, once a month, every full moon embraces SELENE, the Titan Goddess. In this after-hours yoga sequence, we will be focusing inwards, addressing our emotions, concerning the deeper things in our life.
All lessons are for maximum 20 attendees, at a first come first served priority,so kindly visit our concierge desk to confirm your spot.

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The perfect way to ring in your slow life experience at Elissa Lifestyle Resort. Once a week, visit our executive lounge for afternoon tea, wellness tips and spa chats. Freshly prepared herbal ice-tea, detox water and mouthwatering fresh fruits is served as the perfect afternoon treat, to accompany our wellness talks. You will have the chance to smell and feel our signature products and take a glance of what our Ella Spa is offering, while our professional Spa Therapists are ready to discuss with you, possible muscle challenges you might be experiencing and provide you with wellness anti-stress and pain relief tactics, easy to do at home, on your own. Our weekly Wellness Happy Hour comes with very limited attendee space, at a first come first served priority, so kindly visit our concierge to confirm your spot.

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Experience a journey of freedom, as you tread in unspoiled beauty, guided by knowledgeable experts, who breathe life into the tales of Rhodian’s natural grandeur. Unforgettable guided hikes along the rugged cliffs overlooking the pristine shores, where each step reveals panoramic views of the boundless Aegean beauty. Guided by seasoned experts who share their knowledge and passion for the region’s natural wonders, our hiking trails, offer a deeper connection with the beauty of Rhodes, where every moment is a testament to the awe-inspiring power of nature. Due to extreme hit conditions during mid summer months, our hikes, except butterfly valley hiking, are taking place during spring to early summer and late summer to fall. Contact our concierge department, to find out more and book your spot.
*Trails vary and cover a wide range experience levels, from beginners to skilfull  hikers.
Our hikes:

  • Butterfly Valley Summer Hiking
  • Profitis Elias Sunset Hiking
  • Salakos & Profitis Elias Hiking
  • Seven Springs Hiking
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Lindos is famous for its rich history and picturesque whitewashed village. The Lindos Acropolis, perched atop a hill, is a significant archaeological site, offering stunning views of the Aegean sea and the village. As must visit point while on vacations in Rhodes, we have curated a tour, available either morning or sunset. First stop at the acropolis, where you will have plenty of time to admire this wonder of ancient Greek architecture dedicated to the God Apollo. Next stop will be the village of Lindos, where you will have plenty of time to get lost in the narrow alleys, browse around for local souvenirs, take photos, cool off in one of the many cafes, or simply soak your dose of vitamin D on the sandy beach. On your way back, there is an optional pit stop at the Rhodian Microbrewery, a perfect chance to savor a cool glass on a hot summer day. Sample mouthwatering locally brewed, fresh and unfiltered beer and take a tour at the brewery’s production area.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site,  boasting a captivating blend of architectural styles from Gothism, to Byzantine, to Ottoman. Wander through ancient Gates, marvel at the enduring city walls, and stroll along the iconic Street of the Knights. Stand in awe with the island’s history at the Palace of Grand Master. This awe-inspiring fortress, showcasing a mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, was originally built by the Knights Hospitaller and now houses a fascinating museum revealing Rhodes‘ rich heritage. A stop at the Acropolis of Rhodes on Monte Smith Hill, inclusive on the experience, is offering a fascinating sunset view for you to witness the colorful palette of warm pastels, melting into the pristine Aegean blue.