Our Social Responsibility & Green Policy

We believe in good governance practises and responsible corporate behaviour. Ella Resorts aims at sound environmental practises striving for close to zero carbon emissions and responsible community development.

Our goal is to obtain BREEAM Certification, in use, doing so in a cost-effective manner. We continuously evaluate our performance against benchmarks in order to improve ourselves and those around us.

We design our hotels in a contemporary, sustainable way and we operate them aiming for extraordinary comfort and unparalleled service. We are inspired by affordable value. We want to create experiences for our guests that extend beyond the normal stay and encapsulate the local environment.

We operate our hotels in order to minimise emissions, energy usage and landfill waste while we use local resources to the greatest extent possible, conserving on nonrenewables and minimising on plastic and paper.

To us, new technologies like geothermal or solar energy generation, smart sensors, planted roofs, electric charging stations, efficient irrigation water systems and management systems are not just catchy words but key action drivers.

Ella Resorts Corporate Policies