Ancient flare, natural beauty, multi-cultural vibe. This island has something for everyone. Explore the places, meet the people and come back next summer for more.

Ella Resorts-Stay long for the long beaches-Stay long for the long beaches

Stay long for the long beaches

There is something for everyone in Rhodes. Sandy and pebbly beaches, endless shimmering turquoise waters, playful waves, fun and privacy, you will find it here. You just have to ‘seas the day’.

Ella Resorts-The valley of butterflies-The valley of butterflies

The valley of butterflies

Would you like to meet the Panaxia genus of the Quadripunctaria Poda species? Then you have to come to the Valley, a natural serve, truly unique of its kind. Wander around the lush green environment and have a great daytime excursion, after a 28,8km journey through the island’s mainland.

Ella Resorts-Visit an outdoor museum of history-Visit an outdoor museum of history

Visit an outdoor museum of history

Knights and castles are all about the historical charm in Rhodes. A best-preserved city full Byzantine, Hellenistic and Medieval paths is an all-day attraction for the visitors.

Ella Resorts-Welcome to Bar Street-Welcome to Bar Street

Welcome to Bar Street

There are plenty of things to do in Faliraki, like enjoying the fresh seafood, snorkelling in Anthony Quinn’s Bay or even getting on a sea cruise. Hence, the bar hopping on Bar Street (technically called Ermoi Street) is where Faliraki’s famous nightlife comes to life.

Ella Resorts-The Acropolis of Lindos-The Acropolis of Lindos

The Acropolis of Lindos

Once upon a time there was a wealthy ancient town that has become a worth-visiting Doric monument devoted to goddess Athena Lindia. Learn all about the ancient findings in Rhodes, by both Greek and foreign archaeologists. 

Ella Resorts-Deer Dama-Dama-Deer Dama-Dama

Deer Dama-Dama

Meet the rare deer that is called Dama-Dama and lives only in Rhodes for many centuries. A legend says that it was brought by the Crusaders during Medieval times and there are about 100 to 150 of them in the present.